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RPL is an Australian Skill Quality Authority-approved process to obtain a Vocational Education and Training qualification through Practical work experience and without yearlong attending any formal classroom education.

The Australian Government created it in the late 1990s. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a way for Australian RTOs to assess what someone has learned and the skills they have gained from their experiences through working and learning, whether it’s from their job, education, or activities like volunteering. RTOs can also give credit for completing parts of a qualification, which can save time when obtaining a qualification.

RPL is for skilled and experienced people who are already skilled and don’t have a certificate or time to go to college to take classes and get certified. RPL exists for the following few advantages among many.

  • Save Money > Fraction of a cost compared to year-long classes/courses.
  • Save Time > No classroom study. RPL can be completed within weeks, exempting you from studying the units you already know.
  • Save Effort > Avoid repeat learning and classroom study by recognizing what you already know.
  • Govt. Approved > It is 100% APPROVED by the Australian education board
  • Quicker > It is much quicker than you think of.
  • NO Face to Face class > There are NO Face to Face class (In Most Cases)

If you are a skilled and experienced individual, who is already skilled and don’t have a certificate or time to go to college to take classes and get certified, then, YES, you are very much eligible for this RPL assessment. Even though it is too good to be true, it is real and we will help you through all the steps until you believe, it is for real.

Contact us for free eligibility assessment over the phone or via online chat or Facebook chat. Followed by Send your document as per the list provided to you. Then obtain eligibility clearance from the RTO and provide additional documents or evidence as required. Followed by make a deposit payment for the Certification and lastly receive your certificate.

Normally it takes about two weeks or 10 business days after receiving all required documents from clients.

It depends on the individual certificate that you are wishing to get.

Fortunately eligible experience can be from anywhere in the world. Not limited to Australia only.

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